To Liberty, Equality, and Self-Reliance

Our Vision

" To turn around the unsafe places into safe spaces for people of all backgrounds to live and thrive in all aspects of life without any discrimination or inhibitions be it social, economic, or gender-based. "

Mission Statement

By means of education, research, training, and learning centers, we create an environment that would enable people to empower themselves.


Establish Safe Spaces

Create safe spaces free of crime, violence & discrimination that would enable Vulnerable Women & Children to have the freedom to empower themselves, and pursue their interests.

Education & Career

Be the support system for the Students, Dropouts, adults, and the educational bodies also addressing the hyper-specific problems. Establish reading rooms and Libraries (physical & digital).

Skill development

Imparting and enhancing skills related to technology to fit the job market.

Health & Environment

Have impactful awareness, training, and research programs.

Networking point

Be the networking point for organizations and individuals in conducting social welfare activities & research.

Women Empowerment

Support, stay-homes, and short stays for women and children of marginalized & discriminated (Social/Economical/Gender-Based)

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